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About Aloha

Aloha Sushi brings legendary food to locals with high-quality ingredients, low prices, and exceptional customer service.


Head Chef Jeff Han has spent the past 20 years studying fish and perfecting his art of sushi. He first devoted himself to perfecting his rice. The perfect sushi always starts with the perfect rice. There are several elements that must come together to create this perfect balance. The temperature of the rice, the type of rice and the cooking process are just the beginning. Rice recipes are the most closely guarded secret in sushi restaurants as the taste and consistency of the rice are crucial to the overall taste of the sushi itself. Through years of study and trial and error, Chef Jeff Han was able to create the perfect union of rice and fish. Thus his vision was born.  

Chef Jeff Han's mission was simple: create the highest quality sushi experience for people who really love sushi. However, the twist was that he wanted to make it accessible by making it affordable. He wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to pursuit his passion and love of sushi. News of large portions, fresh fish, authenticity and extreme love of our customers has spread to locals. Don't be alarmed if we know your name and order by heart! It has become an amazing place for friends and family to come together. 


With house prepared sauces, cutting and cleaning whole fish and being hands on with day to day operations, Aloha Sushi is a tale of one man's labor of love. Sushi is an art and Chef Jeff Han is truly an artist. 

Aloha Sushi Interior
Owners Jeff & Christin Han

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